Liz & Mo are a mother/daughter travel-blogging team who live on opposite sides of the world but both travel extensively and meet up to travel as often as possible. Gravatar pic

Liz was born and raised in Asia, her family travelling between the UK, Singapore and Malaysia until they emigrated to beautiful New Zealand in the 1970’s.  In those days, New Zealand was so far away from everywhere except Australia but even then, travel across the “ditch” was expensive.

A big OE in the late 80’s saw Liz & Marty as newlyweds touring Europe in a VW Combi van for 4 months, living on NZ$25 a day (yes it was possible) and breaking down in almost every country they visited!  Among them were England, Scotland, Wales, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Hong Kong.

Fortunately, how things have changed, both in the cost of travel and in our budget when travelling!

The arrival of children meant that they became expert at holidaying in the Pacific and Asia with firm favourites being Fiji, Vanuatu and Thailand. Three major family holidays to Europe saw them visiting fewer countries but with more depth and detail each time and in the process, they have inspired their children with a love of travel.

Mo is all grown up and now based in the UK.  She travels extensively with work and for leisure, with firm favourites being Spain and Portugal.

We are all looking forward to all the places and experiences we are yet to discover and we want to share our past and future experiences with you – from young and “older” eyes and perspectives, so we have collaborated…...these are our blogs and reviews – we hope you enjoy them!  Liz and Mo

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